At Imagine If, we believe that just as learners do well if they are provided with the right
environment and support, so do Teachers! Teachers do well when they are equipped with practical tips that can be embedded into daily classroom interactions with the children in their care. This reduces stress and creates calmer classrooms for more optimal learning.

We are a leading provider of professional education services and our mission is to provide education support services to teaching and learning professionals in early years and childcare, kindergarten, and primary settings. With a wide range of professional education services, we aim to help you improve learning, well-being, and development in children to secure a solid start in all learning domains.

Education Support Services for Improved Outcomes


At Imagine If, we’ve been supporting Teachers to deliver the things that matter to the lives of children for many years, and can proudly say that each of our education services is brought to you by experts in their field. We believe that we’re always better together, and that by collaborating, we can improve opportunities for all children.

Our expertise ranges from promoting equality and inclusion to professional development to help Teachers feel more secure and confident when planning and teaching children with all kinds of minds in their classrooms. Wherever it’s possible to provide education support services, we are committed to doing just that — whether it’s expert training, online education events, or downloadable resources.

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