Cognition &
Brain Architecture

At Imagine If, we believe that brains can be rewired and re-routed to perform optimally and help children access learning with better speed, agility, accuracy, and confidence.

Like learning a sport or a musical instrument, we can train over 90 fundamental cognitive abilities to help learners better utilise every moment in their learning environments. It is the ability to learn how to learn that is never addressed in traditional, mainstream schooling. It is this ‘hidden curriculum’ that we aim to address with our CBAE experience.

The ability to learn can be trained, fine-tuned, and optimised through a detailed
assessment and bespoke training experience that we are proud to offer at Imagine If to
help gifted learners, typical learners, and learners with challenges to function at their

We offer progress reports, personalised workbooks, and fun online activities and games
that are carried out in our sessions. This unique experience comes with access to our
library of board games which you can borrow and play as a family at home to support
and reinforce the learner’s skills after their sessions with us.



Class size:

*This programme is conducted over 80 hours, and all sessions are centre-based and
conducted by appointment on a 1:1 basis.

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